Binh Duong Factory

Address: Ấp Ông Đông, Xã Tân Hiệp, Huyện Tân Uyên T. Bình Dương, Việt Nam
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Hours Mon. – Sat. 7:30 – 16:00

The factory was opened in 2006 to supply the Australian market with good quality recycled pine furniture. Since then markets all over the world have come to appreciate the look and value of recycled pine and now Farmhouse has customers in many countries.

We are specialists in recycled and reclaimed timbers.

  • Operating Capacity over 100 x 40’ HC
  • Factory Area over 20,000 sqm
  • Over 600 unique items


Photography services

Farmhouse furniture understands the importance to our customers of having our good quality photographs of the products. The factory has it’s own photography studio in which all new products are photographed in hi-res and deep etched for our clients to use in there advertising or point of sale.

If you require this please let us know once the your order is confirmed with our head office.